I am an artist living my dream life on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

My paintings are a celebration of colour and patterns expressed through my interests in nature, especially botanical subjects and flowers, historical architecture, and religious symbolism and imagery.

Weaving together these interesting but rather varied and somewhat unrelated elements has been the focus and the challenge of my work. The patterns come from my travel photographic records, Art Nouveau, studies in plant form and design, decorative and ornamental design, even wallpaper and textile designs. Birds, flowers, Celtic knotwork and cathedral stained glass windows become the framework to hold these elements together.

I am a painter, specializing in acrylics and mixed media and also a printmaker, playing, learning and producing etchings, dry points, monoprints, collagraphs and anything I can use to “make an impression”.

This website is still a work in progress as when I am not painting/printing, I am trying to figure out (with varying degrees of success) how to unravel the mysteries of putting together a webpage.  So, hopefully this page will grow…along with my computer skills.  To become what I hope will enable me to share my successes, trials, thoughts and images of making art.