Channing Holland  –  Painter, Printmaker

I started taking art lessons when I was 10, at the Newfoundland Academy of Art, run by Helen and Reginald Sheppard, graduates of the Ontario College of Art. (OCA) and in 1993, I fulfilled a dream by also graduating from OCA.  I studied Printmaking at University of Toronto and North Island College, Courtenay

My printmaking mediums are collagraphs, water-media monoprints, paper lithography, dry-point and etchings.

The artistic influences in my work come from my personal interests in nature, especially botanical subjects and flowers, historical architecture and religious symbolism and images.

My approach to making art has always been that of a traveler and explorer.  In my travels it is the journey that is important.  The destination is not the ultimate goal but simply a part of the entire process and often, when reached, is only a transition point to the next leg of the journey. 

When I first began to learn about printmaking, I felt that it fit in very well with my process oriented, experimental and exploratory nature.  While the completed printing plate may in some cases remain static or unchanged, it leads me down many roads to more exciting journeys as so many varied prints can be produced from a single plate.